About Royal Foresters

Formed in the East Kingdom, the Foresters expanded quickly from the Shire of Avonmore  into the Barony of Ruantallan, and the Shire of Lyndhaven and are based on the Medieval Foresters that protected the forests of medieval England. With members in Atlantic Canada, the State of Maine, and growing, the group became a Chartered Royal Guild of the East Kingdom on September 19th 2015 (A.S.50). Foresters organize themselves into courts named after the forest in which they reside but for SCA purposes they are organized as an Arts and Sciences guild. The Forest courts or local groups are sub groups that allow groups of members in an area to have some independence when hosting events and activities. The courts are named after the shire, canton or barony they exist in. New Brunswick is known as the Court of Lyndhaven forest for example. In the case of a Barony since royals are present it is referred to as a royal forest such as the Royal Forest of Ruantallan. This royal forest is made up of all of the smaller canton forests if they exist.

The guild is governed by a small group of officers. The Warden of the East is the principal officer that reports to East Kingdom. He or she is assisted as of 2017 by two other officers The Warden of the North, in Tir Mara or the Canadian portion of the Kingdom and the Warden of the South in the American portion of the kingdom. Below these are the individual chapter leaders known as Keepers of the Forest. The guild is also assisted by a treasurer and a secretary.

The foresters guild is recruiting men and women who are skilled at, or have an interest in;
Camping, pavilioning, outdoor living, and survival in period fashion as well as journeys over land and by inland waterways in period fashion.

It is the purpose of foresters to research, recreate, educate and demonstrate historical tools, methods, equipment and techniques for living, camping, traveling and cooking, in the outdoors or in wilderness locations.

Interested persons will portray a period persona of a Royal Forester, or Forester and dress the part, at least at guild meetings.

QUESTION: Does this mean I have to have a big beard, live in a hollow tree, and wrestle grizzly bears to be a member?

ANSWER: No. If you are a little girl that likes to roast marshmallows on a fire you qualify to be a forester. We will just teach you to make chocolate cake on the campfire that’s all.

Novice members who wish to advance through the rank structure must prove their competency at camping and our crafts but if you can pitch a tent and survive a camping event and light a fire you can pass through the first several levels quite quickly. We will however teach you to light that fire with just one match in heavy rain or with no matches at all.

Foresters practice a high level of wilderness and camping ethics and leave no trace. We are sworn to protect the green spaces of the world, to take only what we need from the land and to educate others to do the same. At events we will see to it that all within our encampments are happy safe and having fun.

QUESTION: Can I become a member?

ANSWER: Yes; as an SCA Guild, membership is open to anyone who asks to join. If you are interested you can ask any current member for more information and you can message or email the groups Principal Officer. The current Principle Officer would be happy to provide more information to all who are interested.

23 thoughts on “About Royal Foresters”

  1. Interesting idea for a guild I look forward to learning more. I am an SCA member out in the West Kingdom who lives on a small semi medieval farm with a Saxon village in the works and an active blacksmith.

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    1. It’s a bit of an aside, but I’d like to learn more about this “small semi medieval farm with a Saxon village in the works”! 🙂


  2. Liking this concept a lot! I have become a traveler mundanely, so have adopted a gypsy persona as I re-enter SCA after a long absence. This sort of thing sounds right up my alley (or grove as the case may be). Very interested in seeing how far south the Foresters organize. Malagentia, anyone?


    1. Endewearde is rallying! We’ve got 7 or 8 registered guild members and we’ve submitted a request for a letter temporary to officially start our probationary period as a guild chapter.


  3. I live in the northern reaches of Atlantia, but I have a long interest in just the sorts of things your Guild focuses on. Any plans to expand into other Kingdoms of the Knowne World?

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    1. Anyone that wanted to start a group outside of the East would be more than welcome to do so I suspect. If they wanted to use our model we could definitely assist having much of the work already done. With enough interest elsewhere it would become an inter-kingdom group. I would definitely want the nod from key people in your kingdom before trying to assist though.

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    2. I am in the far southern reaches of Atlantia and really like this idea as well. I would love to see something like this started in our Kingdom. I have been an avid old style camper since I was a kid and have looked into how it would have been done in period.


    1. G’day Eric;

      You should check out our website for more information; http://ekfg.eastkingdom.org/

      WE have no authority in An Tir but we can help you set up an independent group of your own that is allied and affiliated with. This would grow the group into an inter kingdom guild eventually.



  4. I’m from Ansteorra, have been quietly teaching those living skills for 20+ years, in case anyone want to start one here. I’d support you. Mundane background: old-style Girl Scout (Lifetime)/Guide, outdoor trainer for 10 years.


  5. I have a long history of just such skills. I live in Columbus ms. and I am interested in joining the sca foresters guild.


  6. Sure. Its pretty easy. If you find us on Facebook at known world foresters guild there are a fee threads on horn construction. Basically you drill and carve a mouthpiece and add one of about three types of baldric. Check up out over there on FB where we can talk at length.



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A camping and outdoor living guild