Join The Royal Foresters

If you are a member of the SCA in the east kingdom or Known World,, and have an interest in outdoor living, camping events, bushcraft, or have a persona whom is a Forester, or Huntsman then the Foresters Guild may be for you.

We accept personae from all time periods of the SCA and so everything from 7th Century Celtic hunters, to 16th century Royal Foresters are possible. We have Scandinavians, Hungarians, Anglo-Welsh, Irish, Scots, the lot…

Every new member serves a probationary period once accepted and after this time may be initiated and pledge an oath to protect the forest and obey the laws of the guild and the SCA.

Foresters are promoted in rank by proving themselves capable at camping events in the skills of fire making, and outdoor self reliance, as well as through commitment to the SCA, and its many activities. The first few ranks are quite easy to achieve, and become more demanding as higher ranks are reached. Higher ranked members may lead, and govern the group as an officer, or as the principal officer

If you have questions, comments, or would like to apply for membership, use the form below to contact us. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you,

Applications may also be downloaded from our official web page and facebook page.

A camping and outdoor living guild

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