Minimalist Forester Camping

In General, SCA campers bring far too many things. Some of this cannot be helped if you are into the various activities within the Society, however the Foresters philosophy of minimalist camping is actually an easy one. We generally do not bring “decor” items that only serve to be seen. We generally only bring things that are to be used and it is better if an item can be used for more than one thing. For example we do not bring an axe and a hammer. The axe can be used both to cut our firewood and to pound our tent pegs and even to make tent pegs at in a pinch.


Sleeping in a makeshift tarp tent (Forester Tent) at the Endewearde Hunt, October 2016

The basic rule of “minimalist” camping is that after a trip, you should lay all of your gear out on the ground and anything that you did not use, put that away and never bring it again. If you got by without it once, you can do it every time. As you learn new skills you can carry less and less gear.

 Forester minimalist camping is great for those people who like to set up and tear down in a matter of minutes instead of dedicating an hour or more to giant circus tents. This does not mean that you have to give up the comforts of modernity in your medieval experience. A giant tent and a few luxury items are good to have at a longer event like Pensic, Gulf Wars, etc. but for most 2-3 night events it sure is nice to have everything fit in one small bundle.

Minimalist Forester Gear for short Wilderness or SCA event Camping


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