Our Royal Charter

Our Royal Charter was granted to us by King Darius (Omega) and Queen Etheldreda of the East Kingdom on 19th September 2015 (A.S. 50).


The Charter is on goat skin parchment and is penned in natural ink by Lady Juliote de Castlenou d’Arry a member of the Guild. The Words are as follows;

Be it known in the Kingdom of the East, and throughout the Known World,

Whereas the Brothers and Sisters of the Green, having organized into a Guild of Forestry, and by maintaining lawful Forest Courts throughout the land, with the intent, and purpose of protecting the Greenwood, and Royal Forests of their Majesties in the East against all threats, be they flood, fire, or foes; That we, king and queen of the East Kingdom, Omega and Etheldreda Rex et Regina Orientalis, do hereby grant them Royal Charter to keep and do the same.

These Underforesters, Foresters, Master Foresters, and Grandmaster Foresters, most serious, and solemn, shall take upon them an oath; to help, aid, and assist their fellows, to protect the Greenwood, and uphold the Forest Law of the Kingdom of the East, and to abide by the laws, rules, and regulations of their Majesties, the King and Queen of the East, and their successors, their Highnesses the Prince and Princess of the East, together with those of the landed Barons and Baronesses, and all lawful representatives of the Kingdom of the East.

These Foresters shall practice, and promote the skills, and crafts of the Greenwood, and shall make themselves proficient, and in time masters of the woodland arts and sciences, and they shall always use these skills to make encampments safe, and secure for all, and when fire is called upon for light, and heat, that there may be fellowship, and merry making, these Foresters shall attend, and secure the flame, and shall gather the wood for its proper use, and will see the flame safely extinguished upon the conclusion of these festivities.

These Foresters shall make ready, and be practiced in their craft, and preparedness, for any and all forms of adversity, inclemency, or vicissitude that may befall them, and shall come to the aid of others whom may need guidance, hospitality, or shelter within the Greenwood.

To these solemn obligations do we Omega and Etheldreda Rex et Regina Orientalis Charge the Foresters to keep, and uphold here in the Kingdom of the East and wheresoever they may travel.


A camping and outdoor living guild