Research and Information Links

The images of and translated words of the Charter of the Forest. Issued in 1217 as an addition to Magna Carta, the Charter of the Forest redressed many grievances of the Norman legal system and gave back rights to the common people.

The Master of Game is a medieval book on hunting written by Edward of Norich, between 1406 and 1413, of which 27 manuscripts survive. It is considered to be the oldest English-language book on hunting. It was reprinted in 1904 with a translation into modern English, an essay on medieval hunting, and a foreword by then-American President and noted hunter Theodor Roosevelt .

Written by Gaston Phoebus, Count of Foix; Livre de chasse (Book of the Hunt) was written between 1387 and 1388. It was dedicated to Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Recorded in the book are different stages of hunting different animals, as well as describing animal behavior, offering advice to less well-off gentry about how to enjoy hunting without bankrupting themselves, and is even sympathetic to the peasant poacher because he too has the hunting instinct. It is the classic treatise on Medieval Hunting, and noted for one manuscript which has exquisite miniatures, illustrating the hunt.

A blog website from Sweden that chronicles the activities of a reenactment group.

A Glossary of terms, words and phrases from medieval forest law and medieval hunting in England used between 1000AD and the modern era.

An interesting blog collecting information on forest law, outlaws and Foresters in medieval Sherwood forest

A book focused on the history of the English Royal forests from medieval times into the modern era. Also focuses on hunting, the trees found in forests and gives some information on specific forests in England. Also show illustrations of Forester grave slabs.

Very specific information taken from historical records on the proceedings of the forest courts in Wiltshire.  Fairly dry reading but some insights into forest law and its officers.

An article with Richard Rutherford Moore from the BBC where medieval survival is explored in Sherwood Forest.

A Tony Robinson (Baldric from Black Adder) documentary on the plausible existence of a historical Robin Hood. The Doc. features a brief interview with Richard Rutherford Moore on the rigors of survival in the English forests.

A light-hearted look at the lives of medieval outlaws with Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. Filled with good information and entertaining as well.


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