The Wardens of the Forest

The Wardens Message.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Greenwood;

As your Warden for two years it will be my responsibility and privilege to serve the King and Queen of the East, Their Majesties’ Royal Foresters Guild and Their Majesties’ Foresters.  It is my intention to protect and maintain what we have created and achieved together under the inspiration and leadership of Brother Llwyd Forester.  I will serve and support foresters wherever they are found in the East Kingdom.  I hope to visit as many of you as I can, bringing the High Court of the Forest to sit in local Forests, Bailiwicks, and in all the far corners of the kingdom where foresters are found.

I encourage all of you to continue to learn, teach, share and take a turn leading and organizing.  May we all at every opportunity sit quietly at the water’s edge; stare silently into a campfire, or sing, chat and tell outrageous lies; share food together, and welcome the curious and the lost into our camps and at our tables.

Seamus na Coille Aosda.


The Second Warden of the Forest of the East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild is Seamus Na Coille Aosda. He was the first American citizen to apply to be a member of the Foresters and swiftly organized other like minded outdoor enthusiasts of the Barony of Endewearde into the Guild. He is largely responsible for the spread of the Guild into Maine and other parts of New England. He was the first Keeper of the Royal Forest of Endewearde and was the leading force in shaping that independent group into the most populous and successful Royal Forest in the East Kingdom.


Seamus portrays an Irish kern born in the year 955 at the crannog of Newtownlow, County Westmeath, Ireland .


Mundanely Mark Barrows has been in the SCA since the late 1970’sand has been counted among the founding members of some of the earliest SCA groups including the Shire of Vinland. An experienced outdoorsman, wilderness traveler, and canoeist, Mark makes his home in Maine and has a lifetime of outdoor skills and adventures to his credit.

The First Warden of the Forest of the East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild was Yeoman Llwyd the Forester. Seeing a need for a group made purposely for outdoor enthusiasts within the SCA he founded the Foresters Guild as a small group in Atlantic Canada and slowly expanded it to a chartered guild, and then a Society wide guild.


Instead of assuming the title of a Lord, he instead portrays a simple country Yeoman or free land owner from the 14th Century Midlands of England. A surly character hardened by the hundred years war, the black death, and a lifetime dedicated to apprehending robber knights, outlaws, and poachers, Llwyd has little time for chivalry or the niceties of court in spite of occasionally attending in the line of duty.

Mundanely Lloyd Smith has been in the SCA since the late 1990’s and has always enjoyed obscurity and avoided unwanted attention. After seeing outdoor enthusiasts leave the SCA  for other challenges he came in from the shadows to create the Foresters guild as a home for outdoor lovers. An experienced wilderness traveler and canoe tripping guide, Lloyd makes his home in Nova Scotia and has a decade of professional outdoor experience on top of a lifetime spent exploring the natural world.




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