Women Foresters

Historically we have some interesting evidence that there were women that held the office of Forester. These women were largely well to do nobles (no doubt ahead of their time) whom acted as administrators of whole tracts of land and were in charge of numerous other foresters, underforesters etc. as part of their duties. While there is no direct evidence of women paroling the forest and arresting the bad guys is it not hard to imagine, given the wealth of evidence we have for women as hunters in the medieval time period.


Forester and our sister, Clovis (in red) teaches use of the bow drill at an SCA event. The bow drill is mentioned in the Icelandic sagas (bragð-alr  bragðals-eldr)

See; Maud De Caux and Isabella Birkin

The SCA Foresters likewise have a large female membership. We are still growing but at times women have made up two thirds of the member list. On average however the group is about evenly split between men and women in general membership. The officers and leaders however tend to be made up mostly of women members as with many other areas of interest within the SCA.



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